More About the Web Killing Bricks and Mortar

Here’s a story about how the internet is putting second-hand bookstores out of business in the U.K. I thought I had seen the last of these types of articles. There were so many during the dot-com boom and the dot-com bust, that this kind of thing seems rather dated.

I love to wander through bookstores (new and second-hand) looking for books I did not know existed or wanted. As much as I hate to see any bookstore go out of business, the internet has made it very easy to track down just about any book. For books that are out-of-print, it’s often the only way to find them.

Sites that sell used books like Alibris, Bookfinder, Powell’s, and even Amazon have helped me feed my book habit. They have fed my habit so much that I recently increased my To Read pile high enough that I won’t allow myself to buy any books in the near future until that pile has shrunk a bit. No matter how enticing a title might look to me whether it’s on a store shelf, in a book review, or in an online bookstore.


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