One of the Worst U.S. Presidents

In an otherwise far too genial but genuinely interesting article by Douglas Brinkley on just how bad Bush’s Presidency will be judged, he says near the end,

“I also believe that he is an honest man and that his administration has been largely void of widespread corruption. This will help him from being portrayed as a true villain.”


And Bush didn’t know Jack Abramoff.

And Halliburton (VP Cheney’s old company) hasn’t repeatedly overcharged our government for its services in Iraq.

And Michael “Heckuva Job Brownie” Brown was qualified to run FEMA.

And he’s never ignored science and common sense when it comes to appointing people to run an agency like the FDA or a position within the Department of Health and Human Services.

And he didn’t lie about Saddam Hussein having WMDs.

And he didn’t joke about not being able to find the WMDs.

I could go on…But I don’t want to do anymore research for Mr. Brinkley without getting paid for it.


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