Now You See’em, Now You Don’t

Would you like to know who has been visiting the President of the United States? It would make sense to be able to do that, if you were investigating charges of corruption, ethics, and influence. Or if you wanted to know what the President was doing on the job us taxpayers are paying him to do.

Those records were part of the public record. It’s how investigators found out how often Monica Lewinsky visited President Clinton during that neverending investigation known as Whitewater. You remember, the one about the land deal gone bad and a failed S&L in Arkansas that became an investigation into Clinton’s sexual behavior and resulted in impeachment. Because as we’ve learned this past decade, according to the Republican party and the Main Stream Media, lying about a blowjob is an impeachable offense, while lying about WMDs in Iraq, misleading a nation into war, spying on the country’s citizens without legal authority, authorizing torture, and suspending habeas corpus for so-called “enemy combatants” are not.

Well, those visitation records can no longer be viewed thanks to President Bush. Looks like the Abramoff scandal was reaching the highest office in the government. And we can’t allow that now, can we?


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