Mother Nature is Not Being Fair to Me

I spent six years living in Los Angeles, enjoying the weather, the landscape, the bountiful varieties of food, and suffering the traffic. My wife, son, and I recently moved to the Midwest. It’s been a sort of homecoming of sorts for my wife and me. Both of us are from this part of the country. So we knew what we were getting into as far as the weather was concerned. Actually we were looking forward to experiencing all four seasons again.

It’s January, so I expect snow. Afterall, if I’ve got to put up with the cold weather, then I want the snow to go with it. The packing snow, the kind of snow that’s good for snowballs, snowmen, and snow forts.

Instead, what do I get? Ice storms. Lovely. The kind that do this to our trees:

This is the view from our small front porch. Notice the walkway from the driveway. Branches that jut out from the trunk of the tree from over my head should not be touching the ground. We had an ice storm storm a month ago and a few branches snapped off our trees back then. That pretty much put the whole back yard off-limits (there are 12 trees there) until the ice melted. And now it’s off-limits again.

Oh, sure, we had a an inch or two of good snow on Sunday. (For those of you not familiar with winter, an inch or two of packing snow is not enough to have any real fun. Yes, as many of you who are familiar will point out, packing snow is a royal pain to shovel because it’s heavier.) Then that nice dusting was followed by an ice storm overnight.

I know, I know. I shouldn’t be complaining. This winter has been mild. Which means it’s much better for our heating bills. And probably better as far as getting used to living through winter again.

But it’s not exactly the Winter Wonderland I signed up for.


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