Novel or Game?

I read more than few of those Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid. I also spent hundreds of hours playing dungeons and Dragons with my friends. So just like this writer here, this Novel/Game Hotel Dusk for the Nintendo DS intrigues me, too.

There’s a scene in C.S. Lewis’ The Voyage of the Dawn Treader when Lucy, the hero, finds a magical book in which the pages come to life as she reads them. As a nerdy little kid, the idea enchanted me, and I desperately craved to have my own, real-life magic paperback.

So I was thrilled when Nintendo began advertising its new title Hotel Dusk: Room 215 not as a game but an “interactive mystery novel.” Sure enough, it’s pretty much what I’d dreamed of: You hold your DS sideways like a book, and watch as the pages come to life. Specifically, Hotel Dusk tells the noir tale of Kyle Hyde, a 33-year-old cop who shot his turncoat partner, hit the bottle and now works as a washed-up private dick who “finds things that don’t want to be found.” In the eponymous hotel, Hyde finds clues that seems to lead to his former partner.

Maybe I can convince my wife to buy me one just to check the game out for myself…


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