Calling Congressman Rogers

Phone call to the D.C. office of Congressman Mike Rogers (R, MI-08) this afternoon.

“Congressman Mike Rogers office,” says a woman’s voice.

“Hello,” I say, “I’m calling because I want Congressman Rogers to support the Democrats’ resolution condemning President Bush’s escalation in Iraq. I don’t understand why he’s equivocating. He says he’s against Bush’s strategy but yet he won’t vote for the resolution condemning the strategy. I don’t understand his position.”

“Can I have your name and address?”

I give her my name and address. When she’s done she says, “I’ll forward your concerns to the Congressman and he’ll be in contact with you about his position.” Click.

I am assuming future contact about his position on his opposition to the resolution that opposes the escalation/surge strategy he also opposes will take place through the mail. Now that I write it out, it sounds like he opposes himself. Not sure how that works. Regardless, I’m looking forward to seeing him clarify his complicated position on a simple resolution.

For those of you that want to tell the Congressman how you think he ought to vote on this resolution, call 202-225-4872.

Meanwhile, I’ll be checking my mailbox for that clarification, Congressman.

[Cross-posted on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood]


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