The Knives are Being Sharpened…

…against Obama.

First it came out he was a smoker, who is trying to quit.

Then it came out he once bought land from a corrupt wheeler dealer by the name of Tony Rezko.

Then he was acccused of attending a madrasa as a child, which turned out to be completely false. And even if it was true, so what? He considers himself a Christian now anyway.

Then he was accused of not being black enough.

Then it came out that Obama was stiff and arrogant (and also “uppity”) during his run against Rep. Bobby Rush for a Congressional seat.

Now he’s a liar, according to this article in the LA Times, because he did not provide all the excruciating details in his memoir about a particular community organizing campaign he was involved in 20 years ago. Okay, he’s not called a liar outright, but that’s the clear implication.

You can always gauge the fear of a candidate’s viability by the number and implausibility of the charges thrown at him or her. (Remember the Whitewater Big Nothing Scandal?) We’re all hearing the same garbage about Hillary Clinton (she’s too calculating, blah, blah, blah…as if no politician is calculating…Is the country even ready for a woman President?…clearly implying that we’re too chauvinist a society to vote for a woman. What’s next for her? That she’s not woman enough? Oh, wait, they already smeared her with that in the early 90’s because she wanted to reform Health Care and not sit back and be a prim Barbie Doll First Lady.)

If these are the worst things that can be said about Obama, and we’re a year away from the first primary, then the right-wing smear machine is going to be working over-time to manufacture more sleaze to throw at him. To paraphrase Bette Davis “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy campaign.”


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