Calling Granholm Irresponsibe, But the Naysayers Budget is Still Vapor

In yesterday’s Detroit Free Press, Ron Jelinek (R – Sen. 21) says it would have been “irresponsible for the state Senate to approve the governor’s executive order. The EO did not balance the budget and was not just an outline of cuts; it was part of her larger plan to raise taxes.”

And what big tax raise is that? A whole 2% on services. Which is estimated to cost the average family earning $57,000 a year approximately $65. That’s right, $65 per year. That’s $1.33 a week. You can’t buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks for that. Republicans the country over complain that taxes like this are too much. Ridiculous.

But Sen. Jelinek was not done. Here’s what else he said:

We cannot ask Michigan families to cover more than 50% of the deficit with new taxes. Senate Republicans want government to live within its means, which will mean cutting more than just 4.5% of costs.

Being responsible means crafting a plan that is right for Michigan and working with all interested parties to do so. Cooperation and compromise will be key to balancing the budget quickly but not balancing it on those who can least afford the added burden.

He makes that 50% of the deficit sound like it’s too much to be handed off to a small service tax. He also fails to note that there have already been significant cuts made to the budget since Granholm took office. Then he accuses the Governor of being irresponsible, because she didn’t craft the right plan for Michigan.

Well, Senators Jelinek and Bishop, we’re still waiting for your budget proposal. You guys have been claiming over and over to want to cut cut cut the government and cut cut cut taxes because it can easily be done with minimal pain. To these refrains you often add that not enough has been cut from the budget.

Governor Granholm put out her plan. You guys said no. A week after the State of the State we’re still waiting. That’s irresponsible.

Note: If you want to read more about how the budget cuts will be felt on people, you can read a lively and informed debate on Michigan Liberal between Eric B. (who writes the blog Among the trees) and Jack McHugh of the Mackinac Center.


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