MI Republicans Say "No" to Cuts, Again

Just how ridiculous are these guys? Today Senator Mike Bishop doesn’t want Governor Granholm to close any prisons as a way to cut money from the budget. He wants to set up a committee to look into it.

Remember, just last week, the Senate Appropriations Committee rejected Granholm’s EO for dealing with this year’s budget shortfall.

“The Republican caucus has said we can get it done with cuts and we’re going to put our money where our mouth is,” Bishop said. He didn’t specify where the cuts would be made but said school aid reductions are on the table.

It was a budget in which they concurred with 90% of the budget cuts.

“Our communication broke down between each other but not in a negative way. We just didn’t have time to sit down with the House,” [Senate Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Shirley] Johnson said, noting that lawmakers agreed with 90 percent of Granholm’s proposed cuts.

The entire state of Michigan is still waiting for Bishop and the Senate Republicans to come up with their list of cuts…We’re still waiting…So far, it doesn’t look like a whole lot is getting done.

Note: If you want a window into just how uninformed the Republican leadership apparently is, take a look here.


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