Bullies: We Can’t Win the War on Terror Without Them

Yes, once again this week, I turn my blog over to someone else. If you think I’m getting lazy and phoning it in here at Honest Errors, you would be right. But then again I have never claimed to be a blogger extraordinaire.

Today’s guest poster is none other than Harold Moolendyke, President and CEO of Progressive Military Solutions, a provider of information technology to the defense industry.

We’ve all read the news about the anti-bullying bill passing the House here in Michigan. Many people seem to think it’s a fine thing. I, for one, do not.

Just the other day, one of my son’s best friends, someone who identifies himself as a bully and is justly feared among his peers, said to me, “I love faggots. That’s why I like to torment’em!” He takes pride in his abilities to make his fellow high school students tremble with fear. A proud young man like him will be irreparably harmed by this bill.

You see, bullies are this country’s future. How are we here in the U.S. going to effectively wage a War on Terror without people who are gifted in the art of injecting fear into the hearts and minds of our enemies? Just as young athletes and math whizzes need to be able to fully develop their talents, so to do young bullies. And the way for them to do that is by letting them be young bullies; by letting them go about their daily business of tormenting the different, the weird, the fag, the perceived fag, the wimp, the turd, the sissy, or anyone who just happens to be in the bully’s way that particular moment.

The future of this great and powerful nation of ours depends on people willing to go after others in this take-no-prisoners world we live in, a world currently in the middle of a War on Terror. Make no mistake, this War on Terror is a Clash of Civilizations. One I don’t intend for our country and the West to lose. In order to win, we must protect and nurture our toughest bullies. No one wins wars by being nice. You win wars by being tough and striking at your enemies’ weakest points, injecting fear inside them. Shock and Awe is not the method of the weak. Bullies are tough and know people’s weaknesses. It’s bullies who won wars for us in the past. And it’s bullies who will win this war and future wars for us.

Our honorable men and women serving in Iraq at Abu Ghraib prison, various CIA rendition sites around the world, and of course Guantanamo Bay need to know that they are not the last of their kind. Humiliation and other forms of intense interrogation techniques are some of our most valuable tools in the War on Terror. To keep America safe, we need people who are willing to do whatever is necessary to extract information from terror suspects.

If this bill becomes law it sends a signal to all of our tough young men and women, like my son’s friend, that they are not appreciated or needed. It sends an even more dangerous signal to our enemies who plot against us that we are ready to surrender.

If you ask me, this country of ours could use some more bullying. Who among us wouldn’t like to see Donald Rumsfeld give Iranian President Ahmadinejad a swirly or Dick Cheney yank one of Castro’s arms behind his back and make him shout, “Democracy”?

So I urge Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop to continue his fine leadership in the upper chamber (as he’s done with this current budget battle against the Tax-Happy Democrats) and see to it that this anti-bullying measure is voted down by the Republicans.

Don’t just vote it down for the sake of Michigan.

Vote it down for the sake of our national security.

Harold Moolendyke


Circuit City Fires Most Talented

That’s right, kids. If you work hard and become successful, that will make you a liability at some companies, and get you fired.

Circuit City said yesterday that it had fired 3,400 of its highest-paid sales staff and will replace them with lower-paid workers, a risky strategy to cut costs that goes beyond the layoffs, buyouts and hiring freezes commonly used by struggling companies.

The fired workers will receive severance packages and a chance to apply for lower-paying positions after a 10-week delay, said the 655-store electronics chain based in Richmond, Va.

And now Circuit city wants its remaining workers to be good loyal workers…

Politics is Wrestling and Vice-Versa

Someone points out that professional wrestling and U.S. politics are just about exactly alike.

The time has come to admit to ourselves that young America’s polite indifference towards partisan politics and the wrestling industry stems from the uncomfortable but increasingly undeniable fact that the two have grown indistinguishable from one another.

Skeptical? Then dig, if you will, the picture: A pair of unconvincing actors square off in a heated debate, reading from clumsy, cliché-filled scripts, only pretending to disagree, while everyone in the audience knows who’s going to win ahead of time. Now riddle me this: have I just described two wrestlers, or two politicians?

There’s your upbeat thought for the day.

Exit Stage Right…

Lately, I have been posting quite a bit against the Republican solutions to the budget crisis we face in this state. So, for fun I thought I would turn over my blog to someone from the other side of the political divide. He’s the well-known Michigan GOP operative and commentator, Paul “Paulie” Rudis. Some of you might be familiar with his regular blog “That’s Paul, folks.” I don’t agree with many aspects of his political philosophy, but I do respect him as a person, a thinker, and a friend. My hope is that you’ll find his post (not edited by anyone but himself) both thoughtful and provocative. Enjoy.

588 Days until election day.


Congratulations to David Stockman, former budget director in Reagan Administration, for landing one of best defense attorneys in nation: Elkan Abramowitz. I’m sure Elkan will insure David is proven true to his word, “I have done absolutely nothing wrong.”
Big announsment…The Republican Party’s new Zero Initiative Tax (ZIT)! Our goal is no taxes whatsoever for anyone in the State of Michigan!!!
Michigan Chapter of Ann Coulter Fan Club strong an growing by leaps an bounds!!!
Plus! Andy Dillon and Democrats have a Drug Problem!


David Stockman was charged in and indictment with fraud while Chairman of Collins & Aikman Corporation. David has hired one of best leading white collar criminal defense attorneys in nation: Elkan Abramowitz. I’m sure Elkan will insure Stockman is proven true by his word: “I have done absolutely nothing wrong.” It’s a shame David Stockman, has to defend himself when he has done nothing wrong other than save a company that was being ruined by Democrats oppressive taxes.
Many of you know David from his tireless effort in the Reagan White House as budget director to impliment supply-side economics. What liberals won’t tell you??? Supply-side policies was responsible for the extraordinary growth the great U.S. of A. had during the 80’s!!!

Newt Gingrich has a great saying…real change take real change. It’s a concept so simple its complex. That’s what supply-side is.

The Republican Party’s new Zero Initiative Tax (ZIT) marches backward. Backward??? Yes, in deed! Because our goal is no taxes whatsoever four anyone in the State of Michigan. Were actually pulling back the taxes dollar by dollar, with the ultimate goal of zero dollars! What’s better than smaller government??? No government!! We’re making sure that Michigan leads the charge against government. People have a real choice…continue being tax slaves to government as democrats want…or be free as Republicans and Conservatives want! Just think of how many businesses would come to Michigan if we had ZERO taxes!!! There’ll be so many good-paying jobs for so many honest hard-working people, we won’t need police, prisons, or schools. Everyone will be fully empowered over their own lives while happily employed an so wealthy they’ll be able to hire their own private security detail and private tutors for their kids.

After seeing Ann Coulter talk with such grace and skill at CPAC, she’s a powerful intelligent speaker and received a warm reception, I finally signed up for her official fan club. I had put it off way too long, I’m ashamed to admit…Why Ann hasn’t found her man yet is a mystery to me. All you conservative bachelors out there, you’ve still got a chance!?!?!?!?

House Speaker Andy Dillon and the Democrats are on Drugs! Dillon and the Democrats continue to DRUG their feet on a budget plan now that no one is “buying” Granholm’s “two-penny plan”. Maybe if they got off there drug problem they wood have a plan?!?! Make your voices heard. Get the facts…stay involved. We need to let our legislators know what we think. Folks…you better be paying attention!?!?!?

I am proud to announce are Legacy Brick Fund! To support our work on ZIT, buy a brick with your name on it. Then, once the Michigan GOP’s ZIT grows and reaches it’s goal and the government is gone, you and every other brick owner can throw it through the windows of the Capitall! Join us build the party, go backward to zero taxes, and someday say “I threw brick at Capital!!”

Paulie Rudis

P.S. Thanks, Rich, for letting me post on your blog. The GOP already has many wonderful asses, but you would be a true asset to our party if you ever switched sides.

Thinking in Circles

Reading this story on Mary Douglas’s book Thinking in Circles: An Essay on Ring Composition brought to mind the book I’m reading now: Divine Days.

The feeling is familiar. You are listening to a piece of music, and nothing links one moment with the next. Sounds seem to emerge without purpose from some unmapped realm, neither connecting to what came before nor anticipating anything after. The same thing can happen while reading. Passages accumulate like tedious entries in an exercise book. Chaos, disorder, clumsiness, disarray: these must be the marks of poor construction or, perhaps, of deliberate provocation.

In a strange way, though, the very same sensations might also be marks of our own perceptual failures. Perhaps the order behind the sounds is simply not being heard; perhaps the logic of the argument is not being understood. Paying attention to anything alien can be like listening to a foreign language. There may be logic latent in the sounds, but it is not evident to untrained ears.

Leon Forrest uses a style in Divine Days (though not as seemingly chaotic as some of the texts referred to in the article) that starts, stops, backtracks, jumps ahead, then back again, turns, and doubles-back, all in an attempt to capture the narrator Joubert Jones’ thoughts and experiences at a given moment in the novel. It’s an attempt to mix history, rumor, and feeling all at once in every moment over the period of seven days in 1966. The effect can be dizzying and overwhelming at times. Though never boring and always engaging.

Getting That First Novel Published

From the Guardian:

Kate Saunders, while reading for the Orange Prize, felt that ‘publishers seem enormously scared of too much originality. Many of the first novels we had to read this year appeared to be watered-down copies of something else.’ Perhaps what these writers need is practice. Regrettably, there is no longer much opportunity (with the honourable exception of editor Louise Chunn’s initiative in Good Housekeeping) for novices to publish stories in magazines. Publishing your first novel is as daunting as cold calling. ‘It is much harder,’ Pat Kavanagh says, ‘to get first novels across to a general reader when there is no obvious promotional handle’.

Sounds like things are very similar on the other side of he pond…