Groggy Today With a Chance of Crankiness

Where to begin today? I’m fighting some sort of sinus infection. Thought the Sudafed is helping I still feel groggy.

Let’s see, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is standing firm despite the politically motivated firings of 8 U.S. Attorneys.

Fat-Cat Republican Donors were behind the “Granholm is Hitler” ad in last year’s election. WizardKitten breaks it all down.

So I guess we should be asking Saul Anuzis whether he thinks Granholm is like Hitler. Or whether the Republican party will continue to accept financial support from the likes of John and Terry Rakolta, Julie and Peter Cummings, and Robert Liggett?…You can bet there won’t be an answer to the first question; he’ll deny any and all involvement with the ad in a bid to absolve himself of responsibility. As for the second question, the Republican party is addicted to money from slimy sources for slimy ads (see SwiftBoat Veterans) in their bid to impose so-called “Family Values” on everyone. (Quick: how many times have Newt Gingrich and Rudolph Giuliani each been married? Answer: 3). When the unsoundness of their beliefs and proposals are exposed they go for ad-hominem attacks. There’s a phrase for that. It’s called “moral bankruptcy.”

Granholm is back in town after what sounds like a successful trip to Germany to bring investment into Michigan only to be greeted by the underwhelming support of the House Democrats for her budget proposals. Pohlitics does an excellent job of taking the House Dems to task for using Republican Talking Points.

Let’s tick off the reasons for no budget deal: one stubborn Senator Bishop and a few House Democrats with cold feet over a 2% service tax.

That’s it.

Wonder when the real arm-twisting over this is going to begin?


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