Failure to Act

Looks like Senator Bishop will allow the Governor’s tax proposal to be voted on.

Majority Leader Mike Bishop decided Thursday to discharge the measure and bring it to the full Senate because he felt Democrats broke an agreement to keep details of negotiations secret until an agreement has been reached.

The Rochester Republican said he’s bringing up the tax plan in the GOP-controlled Senate – where it’s almost sure to fail – because the House has failed to act even though Democrats hold the majority there.

Yes, he’s bringing it to a vote in order to kill it. How nice of him.

“You’ve got the governor’s office, and you’ve got an entire chamber of this Legislature, and nothing has been done to move that plan forward,” he said. “Why? Because you don’t have the votes.”

Senator Bishop does have a point. The Democratic-controlled House hasn’t brought any of the Governor’s budget proposals to the floor for a vote. They could have opted to put pressure on the Republicans by passing some proposals in the House and sending them over to the Senate.

But no.

So now, it will be Senator Bishop who will have actually brought more budget legislation up for a vote than Speaker Dillon. Who’d have thought that after over a month of waiting for a budget proposal from the Republicans, we still wouldn’t have any push from the House Democrats? If I’m Mike Bishop, I’m sitting pretty right now watching the disarray in the Democrats camp. He can afford to wait until the Democrats unite behind some sort of budget proposal.

“United we stand, divided we fall,” goes the old saying.


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