Meeting? What Meeting?

Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop is a no-show for a meeting with Granholm to discuss the budget.

Granholm said Bishop told her his schedule was too busy Monday to meet. In a letter to him Friday, she called for a meeting with legislative leaders for 10 a.m. today.

Other liberal blogs have commented on this here and here. I can’t get myself too worked up over what is obviously a tactic designed to make the Governor look weak and without leverage. But he is not the only legislative leader not present at the meeting. Speaker Dillon “was on his way to Lansing, Granholm said.”

That’s par for the course for the Democratic Speaker of the House. When he’s not telling everyone who will listen that he doesn’t have the votes for a 2% service tax, he’s begging Comerica to not move their headquarters to Texas. All of which has shown the non-entity that Speaker Dillon is in this game of Budget Chicken between Governor Granholm and Senator Bishop. By non-entity I mean exactly that. Speaker Dillon, by his inaction on the budget in the House, makes you wonder who’s really leading the House. Right now, it appears Senator Mike Bishop has more influence over the House than the actual Speaker of the House.

So of course Senator Bishop doesn’t have time for the meeting with the Governor today. He’s probably being fitted for a new suit to wear to the budget meeting he will eventually have with Granholm; a special monogrammed victory suit. People with power can afford to make others wait for them while they do even the most ridiculous things. People on the defensive rush around to events, doing things, making proclamations, all in an effort to look earnest and by all means not defensive. Senator Bishop is signaling to everyone who’s watching this budget debacle that he can afford to wait one more day than the Governor to sit down and hammer out a budget.

That tells you all you need to know about who has won this legislative battle over “cuts only” versus a “mix” of cuts, tax increases, and tax decreases.

What this means for the voters of Michigan will only be seen when the impact of the budget by Mike Bishop and the Republican Party is felt by everyone. Because, make no mistake, it sure looks like it will be a Republican budget.

Let’s hope it’s not too painful.


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