Bullies: We Can’t Win the War on Terror Without Them

Yes, once again this week, I turn my blog over to someone else. If you think I’m getting lazy and phoning it in here at Honest Errors, you would be right. But then again I have never claimed to be a blogger extraordinaire.

Today’s guest poster is none other than Harold Moolendyke, President and CEO of Progressive Military Solutions, a provider of information technology to the defense industry.

We’ve all read the news about the anti-bullying bill passing the House here in Michigan. Many people seem to think it’s a fine thing. I, for one, do not.

Just the other day, one of my son’s best friends, someone who identifies himself as a bully and is justly feared among his peers, said to me, “I love faggots. That’s why I like to torment’em!” He takes pride in his abilities to make his fellow high school students tremble with fear. A proud young man like him will be irreparably harmed by this bill.

You see, bullies are this country’s future. How are we here in the U.S. going to effectively wage a War on Terror without people who are gifted in the art of injecting fear into the hearts and minds of our enemies? Just as young athletes and math whizzes need to be able to fully develop their talents, so to do young bullies. And the way for them to do that is by letting them be young bullies; by letting them go about their daily business of tormenting the different, the weird, the fag, the perceived fag, the wimp, the turd, the sissy, or anyone who just happens to be in the bully’s way that particular moment.

The future of this great and powerful nation of ours depends on people willing to go after others in this take-no-prisoners world we live in, a world currently in the middle of a War on Terror. Make no mistake, this War on Terror is a Clash of Civilizations. One I don’t intend for our country and the West to lose. In order to win, we must protect and nurture our toughest bullies. No one wins wars by being nice. You win wars by being tough and striking at your enemies’ weakest points, injecting fear inside them. Shock and Awe is not the method of the weak. Bullies are tough and know people’s weaknesses. It’s bullies who won wars for us in the past. And it’s bullies who will win this war and future wars for us.

Our honorable men and women serving in Iraq at Abu Ghraib prison, various CIA rendition sites around the world, and of course Guantanamo Bay need to know that they are not the last of their kind. Humiliation and other forms of intense interrogation techniques are some of our most valuable tools in the War on Terror. To keep America safe, we need people who are willing to do whatever is necessary to extract information from terror suspects.

If this bill becomes law it sends a signal to all of our tough young men and women, like my son’s friend, that they are not appreciated or needed. It sends an even more dangerous signal to our enemies who plot against us that we are ready to surrender.

If you ask me, this country of ours could use some more bullying. Who among us wouldn’t like to see Donald Rumsfeld give Iranian President Ahmadinejad a swirly or Dick Cheney yank one of Castro’s arms behind his back and make him shout, “Democracy”?

So I urge Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop to continue his fine leadership in the upper chamber (as he’s done with this current budget battle against the Tax-Happy Democrats) and see to it that this anti-bullying measure is voted down by the Republicans.

Don’t just vote it down for the sake of Michigan.

Vote it down for the sake of our national security.

Harold Moolendyke


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