The Debunking of the "iPod for Every Child Myth" Did Not Take Place

Not to be outdone by the FREEP and the Detroit News in outdoing the Onion when it comes to fake news, we have reached a new stage in this “iPod for Every Child” non-story. The story written about the negative reactions to the Democrats for the fake news story about them.

This is the kind of thing that philosopher Jean Beaudrillard talked about, that was often misunderstood by people who never took the time to actually read his books; with our current media structure, the spectacle around a thing often becomes the truth instead of the thing itself having its own truth recorded and acknowledged empirically. We have now reached a point where even if those in the MSM point out this obvious fact;

The full budget line as approved by Gillard’s subcommittee last week doesn’t even mention iPods or MP3 players, although it says the state should help districts obtain “distribution tools” for digital media.

it no longer matters to them. The writer of this article allows the Democrats to be characterized as silly and inept for something they didn’t do, even while acknowledging they didn’t do the thing of which they are accused. The above debunking of the iPod story doesn’t come until paragraph number 12.

So even with the facts right in front of them, the MSM continues to operate as if the facts don’t matter. They instead go out of their way to de-emphasize and bury those facts that are inconvenient to the story they want to tell; the spectacle that currently fascinates. Right now, that story is that Democrats are incompetent and Republicans are smart. The spectacle around the iPod for Every Child Myth has now, unfortunately, become reality in the MSM, while the truth is ignored.


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