Michigan Press Still Responding to Fake News

How long, O Lord, how long before the editors of this state’s newspapers finally get this story right?
The Port Huron Times-Herald still believes Fake News. Note to the editors: it’s impossible to be wise to drop something when you were wise enough never to propose it in the first place.

At the ever so cheery Detroit News, while the editors are not still responding to Fake News, they continue to publish letters that slam Democrats in response to Fake News. The Detroit News loves nothing more than to slam Democrats, even when the slamming is based on false premises.

Over at the LSJ, on the same day they published this piece of Fake News, one of their own journalists published this lucid mea culpa on his blog.

Attention Michigan newspaper editors. Repeat after me:
“There never was a plan to give every child in Michigan an iPod.”


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