No More Articles!!!

Yes, it’s time once again to turn over my blog to someone from the other side of the political spectrum. Please welcome again, well-known GOP operative Paul “Paulie” Rudis of “That’s Paul, Folks” fame.



No more “articles”!
Harry Reid is Traitor!
Granholm is Drama Queen!
John Edwards House smaller than Dick Devos’sss????


From now on, no more articles! It’s clear “articles” like “a”, “an” and “the” are idiotic and unnecessary and make no sense, created by LIBERAL English teachers to keep our language bloated and inefficient. Why use more words than necessary???? Typical of liberals and Democrats always spending more your hard-earned taxpayer money than necessary?! So for me, no more articles, just straight…honest…Republican Message!

I’m furious with Bagdad Harry Reid!! He told world we lost War on Terror. If we leave Iraq, it and oil will go to Terrorists. Thank God he isnt President?!? He wants America to lose??? People who want America to lose are losers and traitors. They don’t believe in their own country? Pathetic??? They don’t deserve freedom we all share. Maybe AG Gonzalez can charge him with treason?!?!?!?!?!?>

Governor Granholm’s own tax/budget weapon of mass destruction hits Michigan…and now we send in taxpayers??? I don’t know who she think pay bill.

Now Governor Granholm can take advantage of her acting train and create “drama” for taxpayers. She’ll announce prison closing, lay off trooper, kick out foster kid, close school and even shut down state governments…while ignoring real spending problems of our state…Should she win Oscar?!?!? Can we have AG Cox arrest her?!?!?! How about hat for solution?

The Democrats apparently refuse to deal with real issues that are costing real state of Michigan TENS of MILLIONS if not HUNDREDS of MILLIONS or pmore likely GAZILLIONS OF MILLONS of real dollars. What do YOU think???? Tell them! Be heard!

Deception and deceipt in political process is what causes such distrust of political process by most citizens. So it maybe “catch 22” senerio?

Keep reading THIS BLOG to see through deception and deceipt…

Trail Lawyer John Edwards, Mr. “Two Americas”, Mr. $400-Hair Cut, has big house, really really HUGE house.

But guess what folks?…..It smaller than house of Michigan’s own proud son Dick DeVos. And Dick and Betsy have MANY big houses, including FOUR in Michigan. I should know, I visit them frequent!! See, here’s one????

DeVos can afford MORE $400 Hair Cuts than Edwards. Who would you rather have run our state? or better yet country??!? Guy with one big house or guy with MANY big houses?

Draft Dick Devos for President in 2008!!!

Paul “Paulie” Rudis


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