iPods, Islam, and MichLib, Oh My!

Back by popular demand: another edition of Paulie Rudis.



Dems want Michigan Students to Cheat!
Stuck in Michigan……………
Islam is Evil, the WSJ says so. Really!!
Conservatives against OIF??? Noooooo!!!!
I Give It to MichLib!!!!
The Future of the Republican Party is so Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades!


See this artcile?!?!?
Kids use iPods to cheat in school. That’s how Democrats want our students to succeed in this world?!!??? Give them iPods to CHEAT…That figure, bunch of “cheaters” want to raise whole generation of “cheaters”. Do we want to raise responsable citizens or cheaters?!? Get mad…let your legislator know what you think…it your money…really!!!

We’re here, some stuck, some stuck by choice…but either way, the governor’s threat to cut school fundings and laying off state trooper, shutting down state governments has been little more than typical political rhetoric….blackmail….reform…real reform….cut…hate taxes…fat in budget….serious…no joke….

As I linked other day, and day before that and day before that and day before that and day before that and day before that. READ THAT ESSAY ALREADY!!!! It’s from Wall Street Journal! They lay it out how Islam is evil. That’s what democrats and liberals don’t get. It why we fight terrorists there not here.

This is hard…so hard. One of my heroes, William F. Buckley says this:

It is simply untrue that we are making decisive progress in Iraq. The indicators rise and fall from day to day, week to week, month to month. In South Vietnam there was an organized enemy. There is clearly organization in the strikes by the terrorists against our forces and against the civil government in Iraq, but whereas in Vietnam we had Hanoi as the operative headquarters of the enemy, we have no equivalent of that in Iraq, and that is a matter of paralyzing importance. All those bombings, explosions, assassinations: we are driven to believe that they are, so to speak, spontaneous.

Last year he said this:

One can’t doubt that the American objective in Iraq has failed.

How can he say that?!!? I thought he was “conservative”. He defined “conservative”. Is he senile? Does HE need to be put in old folks HOME??! What is world coming to? We all want leave Iraq, but theres right way to do and wrong way to do.

Lately I mixed it up with liberals on MichLib. Not to be confused with WomensLib??? Watch me fight liberals on there own turf. Thats me, that’s Republicans, taking “it” to liberals…on budget…on taxes…on REAL reform. I fight them anywhere anytime. Theres nothing I love more than giving “it” to liberals over and over.

Posturing, political rhetoric is NOT leadership.

The future of the Republican party in this state is never been brighter. Kyle Bristow of MSU YAF is exactly type of young kid we want. When he says things like, “Homosexuality kills people almost to a degree worse than cigarettes… these (Pro-gay rights) groups are complicit with murder”, I want to stand up and chair.

Don’t pay attention to Pew Research polls like this or this that tell you youth of today believe more in evolution and gay marriage. With young people like Bristow, we won’t be bucking trends or facts, we’ll CREATE them!??!

I can see future of Republican Party in Michigan and rest of country and it look FANTASTIC!!!!


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