Wanted: Copy Editor

Wanted: Copy Editor for the MIGOP Blog
Status: Full-time
Relevant Work Experience: N/A
Education Level: N/A
Location: Lansing, MI

The Michigan Republican Party is a rapidly growing, cutting edge, political organization based in the state capitol of Lansing, focused on three things: increasing its membership, widening the reach of its influence, and winning elections. We will accomplish our goals by demanding smaller government at the expense of needed services, decrying illegal immigration while allowing our corporate contributors to employ illegal immigrants, denying homosexuals the right to anything but conversion therapy, and claiming the ongoing Iraqi Civil War is the forward march of democracy.

As a Copy Editor you will edit the State Republican Party Chairman’s blog posts before they go on the web site every day, sometimes 7 days a week. (No comment monitoring will be necessary as the Republican Party does not believe commentary is necessary on the party’s site. That function has been outsourced to the Detroit News web site at considerable savings.) You must be able to work in a fast-paced reactionary environment and have knowledge of Microsoft Word and web development tools (Dreamweaver, etc.). Experience with strident spastic shriekers is a plus. Previous membership in the YAF is an even bigger plus.

Responsibilities include;

  • Nominal English writing ability. No writing samples are necessary.
  • A passion for the Party Message, oversimplifying concepts, and confounding readers’ understanding of political problems and processes.
  • An ability to work passively with other employees as a part of a team.
  • An appreciation for unique forms of punctuation.
  • An incurious mind without the capacity to think critically.
  • An ability to communicate stridently with others.

Pay is competitive. Health and 401k plans are also available. The Republican Party is not an EOE.

Persons who have previously held this position have gone on to greater prestige as fact-checkers for such distinguished Republican party supporters as Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh, and the scrupulous speechwriters of President George W. Bush.


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