Recall! Recall! Recall!

Saying last Fall’s election that brought control of the House and the Governor’s seat to Democrats was an unwise election decision by the state’s voters, the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance (MTA), the conservative anti-tax group headed by former Rep. Leon Drolet, has launched a recall drive

Drolet said the fact that a tax increase of any kind has even been talked about is a sign that the Governor and House Democrats are out of touch with the voters who elected them in the first place. He wants Republicans to control both chambers, and for himself to be installed as Governor. “Democracy is not about compromise,” said Drolet. “It’s about reflecting the will of the people.”

Asked what he thought of a possible recall drive, Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop said, “Bring it on. I’m tired of having to deal with the Governor.”

Asked if he was afraid a recall drive could give the House back to Republicans, Speaker Andy Dillon said, “no comment.”

Governor Granholm, for her part, stated flatly that any recall drive was a waste of time and taxpayer money, especially given the ongoing negotiations over the state’s budget and the multitude of challenges Michigan faces today.

After a successful recall Drolet plans on having both chambers pass his budget proposals which will include the repeal of the State income tax, the Michigan Business Tax (the SBT-replacement recently signed into law), along with numerous other fees, and ending all state subsidies to universities, making them private institutions. This will be followed by the closure of the Departments of Education and Environment Quality, and the MEDC.

Asked if he thought those moves might be considered extreme by Michigan’s voters, he replied, “Not my Michigan voters.” When it was pointed out that he didn’t have voters anymore now that he is retired from the state House, he exclaimed, “It doesn’t matter. When are you guys [in the press] going to get it? I want my way, dammit!”

Drolet also unveiled a large white banner with the campaign’s logo and motto. It shows a fat pink pig standing on top of the black-lettered phrase, “Squeal like a pig!”


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