Roughing It

This is the view from the cottage we stayed at this past week in the U.P. It’s on Green Bay, between Menominee and Escanaba.

Notice where the water is.

Notice where the sand is.

The water used to come up to the sand. Water levels are down about 3-4 feet. To get to water knee-deep, you have to walk over muck, then through ankle-deep water. All told about 200 yards. To get to waste deep, you have to go another 50 to 100 yards. I was too lazy to find out how far it would be to chest-deep water. Oh, and you need water shoes because of the muck and slippery rocks on the lake floor.

A week in a cottage without air conditioning during days in which the temperature hovers around 90 degrees fahrenheit, with hard water that stains sinks, showers, dinnerware, and finger nails a rusty shade of brown-orange and tastes like my mouth is bleeding is not comfortable. (You know the water is too hard when your not-quite-three-year-old son tells you he wants”clean water” for his bath.)

Still, the week was spent with family. So it was nice. It was quiet and fun. It was almost bucolic, even. And our son got some healthy spoiling from my in-laws. We drove around Green Bay and spent a day in Door County, seeing the Cana (Not An) Island Lighthouse and going to a Fish Boil in Fish Creek.

Before that, we were in Chicago for a few days, a mixture of work and pleasure for my wife. And pleasure for my son and me.

My wife and I finally took the Architecture River Tour we’d always talked about taking when we actually lived in the city, but never got around to doing. It was fantastic. It’s a great way to see a beautiful city and learn a lot about it’s history.

We saw buildings like these:

Sorry the pictures didn’t come out better. I’m not a photographer and it was a hazy day. Yes, I know, a hazy day in July in Chicago, imagine that.


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