Two Elections for the Price of Two

According to this Associated Press story,

Anti-tax activists on Monday began filing paperwork to recall state lawmakers who may vote for tax increases.

No tax vote has taken place yet in either the Michigan House or Senate as a possible solution to help fill the $1.8 billion hole in our state’s budget. From the way things look, if the MTA (Leon Drolet) thinks a legislator might be considering voting “yes” for any kind of tax increase, that’s enough to threaten them with a recall campaign.

What this means is that if a targeted legislator does vote to raise taxes, not only will they be running for re-election next year, there’s the possibility that they’ll also be running against a recall election. That’s right: two elections for the price of two. Drolet has deemed two elections at taxpayer expense a more efficient and responsible use of taxpayer resources than one election and any potential tax increase, no matter how small.

(It should be noted that the MTA’s symbol is a yellow and black snake coiled in front of an outline of the state of Michigan. It looks like it’s hissing, too. I’m not sure what a snake has to do with fighting taxes, but it does look a little like a Fox Snake, which is native to Michigan.)

Drolet has already started his campaign in some State Senate districts.

Drolet’s group is also blanketing some state Senators’ districts with robo-calls.

He says voters in the targeted districts get a 30-second recorded message explaining some of the tax increases being considered in Lansing, “and then they’re given the option to hit 1 at the end of the call and they’re patched directly through to their senator’s office, and they can talk to their state senator, or their state senator’s staffer, more likely.”

Robo-calls, as cheap as they are reputed to be, still require time and money. Drolet spends a lot of his time and money fighting tax increases. He pays himself, as head of the MTA, to do this. He’s also on the Macomb County Board of Commissioners, which means he lives off of taxpayer money and decides how to spend it.

To summarize: Drolet works for the government and for an anti-government advocacy group.

In acknowledgment of this paradox/conflict-of-interest, Drolet recently announced that he has formally challenged himself to a public debate. If he doesn’t agree to debate himself, he has vowed to launch a recall campaign against his own elected position on the Macomb County Board.

No date has been set for this highly anticipated self-dialogue. WKAR’s Tim Skubick has already agreed to moderate the debate. Drolet’s closest confidante, the Pink Recall Pig known as Mr. Perks, is expected to be in attendance.


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