When We’ve Won the War on Terror

When the United States has won the War on Terror…

All of our soldiers will be brought home.

There will be peace in our country and abroad.

No one will have to take off their shoes before boarding a plane.

There will no longer be any Terror Alerts.

We will erect a memorial in Washington, D.C. to the soldiers who have died in the battle against Terror.

All of the provisions in the Patriot Act will be repealed.

The government will no longer wiretap its citizens without a warrant.

The CIA will close all of its secret prisons and rendition sites.

We will stop looking suspiciously at “people who are different” in airports and restaurants, and on streets, planes, and trains.

Democracy will spread to every country currently suffering under a repressive totalitarian regime.

No one will ever want to harm a citizen of the United States or its allies.

A tomb will be erected in Washington D.C. for Terror. It will mark the date Terror was killed; when people began to forget the feel of terror.

Terrorists will be extinct. The species will no longer be found among the human race.

English Dictionaries will eventually deem the word “terror” as archaic, having fallen from usage since it’s defeat.


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