I’ll Be On Fox News Tonight

Update: The story was cut from the broadcast. The producer called me to apologize. She sounded very disappointed. Sorry for those of you who had your VCRs and DVRs all set.

No joke. Fox News Channel Correspondent Steve Brown interviewed me yesterday afternoon at my home for a report they’re doing on Michigan Democrats who plan to vote in the Republican Primary.

I’m planing to vote “Uncommitted.” But they wanted someone (a Commie-Pinko-Democrat) who could talk about the situation that Democrats find themselves in. My status as a Front Page Editor with Michigan Liberal qualifies me. Lately, I’ve been termed something of an expert on these matters. I was interviewed in the Lansing State Journal for a story that appeared this past Saturday, and last night I was interviewed by Jack Ebling on the radio. (Someone thinks I know something. Ssssh, don’t tell anyone I don’t.)

In case you don’t know the Democratic Primary is Dead On Arrival. The DNC stripped Michigan and Florida of their delegates for violating the Primary Calendar. Because Barack Obama and John Edwards took their names off the Michigan Democratic Primary ballot, it’s become a meaningless No-Confidence vote for Hillary Clinton.

I’m not sure how Fox News will splice up the interview. I didn’t say anything inflammatory. (You might even see some footage of me with my son Henry.) The report is supposed to air tonight at 6pm EST on Fox News Channel.

Fox seems to be surprisingly low-tech when it comes to offering transcripts and DVDs of its broadcasts. So it doesn’t look like it’s going to be accessible online to those who don’t have Fox News in their cable/satellite package for whatever reason.


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