Forrest Button

I was interested in seeing “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” having read the F. Scott Fitzgerald story long ago. But after seeing this,

now I don’t think I need to. [Hat Tip: Daily Dish]


The Weather Just Keeps

getting better.

And here I was going to take the kids to the mall (indoor) today…hmm… The local schools are closed. When I was a kid (here’s where I begin to sound like a cranky old man) the schools never closed, with the exception of a day or two during the Blizzard of ’79. I remember standing outside waiting for the bus in sub-zero temperatures.

Having just come in from my short walk to the end of the driveway to pick up the newspaper, I can tell you what 1o below feels like. Every piece of exposed skin (mostly your face) feels as if its being poked with thousands of tiny pins. Lovely, eh? It’s why I’ll never live anywhere north of here. The Yoopers can keep their sub-zero temperatures and snowfall measured by the foot. I’m all for winter, but not this kind of winter.