Newsflash: Fiction is Declared Dead (Again)

The dominion of Fiction is over. Memoir is now king of all literary genres.

I guess all that’s left is for someone to tell all those fiction writers they’re wasting their time…

Okay, I’ll do it.

“Attention all fiction writers, you are wasting your time and your readers’ time with your fictions. Memoir is where it’s at. Rip up those tired made-up manuscripts. Get to work on those tell-all memoirs. Readers only care about whether you or your parents were drunks or drug addicts, whether you were beaten as a child, whether you or your parents or partner had multiple sexual partners and/or came out of the closet, whether you beat your own children, whether you have any fetishes (sexual or otherwise, but preferably sexual), and above all whether you overcame tremendous odds to be a success.”

How do I know this to be the case? Someone more renowned than myself says so.

“When it comes to proving points and making cases, fiction’s day is done,” Yagoda says.

Fiction, with its made-up stories and obvious constructs, doesn’t provide a roadmap for becoming a success. It merely tells stories and therefore can’t compete in the Land of Point Scoring and Case-Building against the all-mighty Memoir. Because writing and publishing in the 21st Century is all about point-scoring and case-building. Fiction is history.

Consider yourselves informed.


6 thoughts on “Newsflash: Fiction is Declared Dead (Again)

  1. Well, once you've read "The Kiss", why would you want to read anything else?

  2. tr, I remember well when that book came out. The reviews were polarized; Kathryn Harrison was either courageous or a sick bitch. Could be a little of both given the topic, an incestuous relationship with her father while an adult.

  3. psthere was a blurb by Harrison on the back of a very good book of novellas I recently read titled, "The Diving Pool" by Yoko Ogawa.

  4. Ah, "The Kiss." I had to read Dickens afterwards to clean my brain out. If fiction is dead, I want to be dead, too.

  5. I'm waiting for Mackenzie Phillips to write a book…

  6. tr, you can get MacKenzie Phillips book "High on Arrival."annie, okay, now my curiosity is really piqued, which means I'll have to go find a copy of The Kiss and read it for myself…What I want to know is why no one seems to have drawn a comparison between these tell-all memoirs and the Tabloid News and the Jerry Springer-type talk shows? Or maybe I missed it somewhere.

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