Feline Female Metaphors

There is yet another new metaphor for describing certain kinds of women: Cheetah. Blog of the Moderate Left has a post today about this phenomenon.

Cheetahs, of course, are part of an increasingly ridiculously expansive meme in which women who have sex are given a cutesy feline equivalent. Are you an older woman who likes sex? Well, then you’re a cougar. A thirtysomething who likes college-aged boys? You’re a puma. Older than a cougar, but still daring to have sex? Spencer Morgan proposes “saber-toothed,” because you’re old. Get it? Get it? Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more?

Anyhow, all these feline descriptions got me to thinking: there are an awful lot of different members of the family Felidae, and many of them have not yet been used as pejorative cognomens to describe women who dare to enjoy sex.

That ends today.

What follows is a nice tidy guide to feline metaphors for use when talking and writing about women so that they can continue to be demeaned.


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