NOW Shifts Its Aims

I have a recent press release from the National Organization of Woman (NOW). It addresses what some see as a controversy in NOW’s stance against the so-called “botax.”

The National Organization for Women has heard from many people expressing frustration and anger at NOW’s stance against the tax on cosmetic surgery procedures in the current Senate Health Care bill. NOW did not come to this decision lightly. It is only in its defense of women living in the culture-at-large that we took such a stand.

Despite our best efforts over the course of four decades in changing the idea of women as commodities to be bought and sold, it’s clear we have failed.

“I know a lot of women whose earning power stalled out or kicked down as they entered into their 50s, unlike their male counterparts’, whose really went up,” said Terry O’Neil. “We’ve given up fighting for equal pay and against age discrimination.”

The fact remains that “women are more attractive and desirable to men when they have large breasts.”

We don’t consider this a setback. We consider this an adjustment to the realities of the 21st Century and the inherent inviolable structure of American society.

“Coupled with the new, middle-class chic of Flaunt It parties, surgeon safaris, and plastic pageants, it’s apparent that” this is what Feminism means today; a better body and look for everyone.

“’The ‘standard’ created for Latina and African-American women’s bodies was established [in] much the same way that standards are created for women in the US and Asia—through music videos, magazines, television, and movies.’ The inherent assertion of plastic surgery is that the body can be re-shaped into a single, American ideal that all women have the possibility—even the right—to achieve.”
NOW supports all women in their right to achieve the American ideal.

NOW president Terry O’Neill admits to having undergone procedures for breast enlargement, tummy tucks, and botox. “I feel more confident representing the interests of women knowing I have an ideal body. With better confidence in my body I can better represent the interests of women.”

NOW will soon provide a list of “beauty standards, sexual ideals and gender stereotypes that girls and women are expected to follow.”

Among the other causes NOW will be taking up include making cosmetic surgery procedures tax-deductible for women as it can be shown that better-looking women have bigger paychecks.

The Love Your Body Campaign will be augmented to include tips on the best body enhancement procedures to undertake depending on a woman’s desires. It will also be renamed Love Your Hot Bod.


2 thoughts on “NOW Shifts Its Aims

  1. This Terry O'Neill does not inspire confidence…I think NOW stands for National Organization of the (Real) Women (of Orange County).

  2. When I first read the quote in Judith Warner's column at the NY Times, it was a WTF moment.

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