Happy Belated New Year

Happy Belated New Year. Hope everyone’s new year has been off to a great start. I’ve been too busy offline to do much writing online.

So here are a couple of links to read and enjoy.

Someone thinks we should let poetry die because no one on the street can name a current living poet, and many other things. Some of which I actually agree with. Suffice to say that this is a provocative post on the state of poetry in the U.S.

It’s been recently discovered…why don’t I just let them say it because they do so brilliantly,

Hot on the heels of the story in Publisher’s Weekly that “publishers could be losing out on as much $3 billion to online book piracy” comes a sudden realization of a much larger threat to the viability of the book industry. Apparently, over 2 billion books were “loaned” last year by a cabal of organizations found in nearly every American city and town.

Have you ever wanted to download a Youtube video but didn’t know how? Here’s a quick way courtesy of Gizmodo.