Fill a Giant Hole in Chicago for Cash and Prizes

The Chicago Architectural Club is running a competition for ideas on what to do with the gaping hole in the Streeterville neighborhood thanks to the un-built Calatrava-designed Chicago Spire.

The hole is 76 feet wide and 110 feet deep. Here’s what the hole looks like, courtesy of the Chicago Tribune.

My suggestion: turn it into a politicians-only prison, with a big sheet of glass over the top, so people can walk by and gaze down at all the Chicago and Illinois politicians who have been convicted of corruption, tax evasion, etc…Though they might have to dig the hole a bit deeper.

[Hat Tip: Gapers Block]


2 thoughts on “Fill a Giant Hole in Chicago for Cash and Prizes

  1. Talk about zeitgeist, rich!The first thing I thought when you mentioned "hole" and "fill" was politicians, kid you not, then read the second paragraph of your post…The problem with your idea, at least regarding the local politicians, is that before you lock them in, they'll produce a state grant for the whole thine, and transform it into a Club Med or similar.

  2. hictio, maybe it has something to with Chicago and Argentina sharing a similar history of corrupt politicians. :)Yeah, you're probably right, they WOULD turn it into some kind of what we call "Club Fed."

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