Food Network Humor

The site Food Network Humor has quickly become one of my favorite web sites to read on a daily basis. Why? Because they find things like this,

Paula Deen putting hamburgers on glazed donuts, topped with fried eggs and bacon. I like all of those things, some of them even together. But all of them on one “burger?” I’m feeling backed-up and nauseous just thinking about trying to eat of those things. This proves that not everything tastes better with bacon on it.


2 thoughts on “Food Network Humor

  1. That is vile! Who comes up with this stuff? I love a donut as much as the next girl but come on…

  2. Paula Deen, the Mistress of Muck. I saw a clip of one episode where she made a pan of mac 'n cheese, chilled it in the fridge, then took it out, cut the mac n cheese into blocks, dipped them in egg, rolled the them in bread crumbs and then deep-fried the things. It was hideous.

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