Classical Music as a Weapon

I haven’t been to the UK in nearly a dozen years. Apparently, they’re on the cutting edge in keeping teenagers from loitering in public areas through the blaring of classical music by composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Rachmaninoff. It keeps the kids away because they don’t like the music. Then there’s this,

In January it was revealed that West Park School, in Derby in the midlands of England, was “subjecting” (its words) badly behaved children to Mozart and others. In “special detentions,” the children are forced to endure two hours of classical music both as a relaxant (the headmaster claims it calms them down) and as a deterrent against future bad behavior (apparently the number of disruptive pupils has fallen by 60 per cent since the detentions were introduced.)

One news report says some of the children who have endured this Mozart authoritarianism now find classical music unbearable.

Okay, if they’re going to use classical music, why can’t they use something truly annoying like atonal/12-tone Schoenberg or the doodle music of Philip Glass or the shrieking of Whitney Houston?…I guess they’d rather ruin things like melody and harmony for people…

[Hat tip: Slashdot]


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