Welcome to My New Home

Welcome to the new home of the blog Honest Errors. As you can see, I’m on WordPress now (finally). Like many many other bloggers I got tired of the limited look and feel of Blogger. All of the themes seem very 2004. Not to mention it just seems that Blogger just does not appear to be evolving with the web.

So please update your links, and I hope you like the new look and feel.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to My New Home

  1. Well, well… Happy new home Mr. Rich!!!

  2. Yeah… WordPress is the way to go. I have to say, I’m not too keen on the theme you’ve chosen. But a lot of the themes seem kinda crappy…

  3. @hictio, thanks.

    @tr, a friend told me offline that the theme is very “quoth the raven.” Yeah, I will probably change it, once I’ve had a chance to sample a few more themes. But for now, it’ll do and I like it because it has way more character than what Blogger has to offer.

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