Is Bloglines Toast?

I’ve spent all day trying to get into Bloglines to check my feeds for the various blogs I read. TechCrunch was asking why Bloglines still had this goofy display all day.

Bloglines dead?

According to TechCrunch,

IAC’s PR rep emailed us this response: “Bloglines is down for scheduled maintenance. We regret any inconvenience to our users and it should be back up soon.”

However, despite it’s being a “scheduled maintenance,” the rep could not provide the time when it is scheduled to be back up again.


2 thoughts on “Is Bloglines Toast?

  1. I tossed Bloglines to the curb a year ago when I discovered how much easier life was with Google Reader. Yes, I know that Google is the Borg of our generation and eventually, I’ll be taking my marching orders. However, I used to feed one of the two founders of said company when he was too broke to feed himself during his misspent youth. I’m hopeful that I’ll be spared during the assimilation.

  2. It’s funny. 10-15 years ago, everyone was upset about Microsoft, calling them the Borg. Now it’s Google…with a hand from Facebook.

    Yeah, I’m making the switch soon, very soon.

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