Charlie Brooker Says “Goodbye” to 24

The TV show 24 has gone off to TV Syndication Heaven. It ended here in the US a few weeks ago. It ended in the UK this past weekend. Charlie Brooker, who told us everything we need to know to produce a TV news story, has written a farewell to 24 in the Guardian. He praises the shows originality and then nails why some people (myself included) could simply no longer watch the show.

Sometimes it felt like watching an adaptation of a paperback spy thriller as recounted by a six-year-old boy, who’s regurgitated a rough storyline from memory in one breathless sentence: “And then Jack stops the bomb but the man runs away so Jack chases him in a car but the car crashes into the sea and then a shark comes to eat Jack but Jack kills the shark with a sword and then Jack builds a helicopter out of some reeds and a coathanger and then Jack flies the helicopter into the terrorist’s head THE END.”


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