Saturday Morning Grab Bag

Lots going on. Here are a few things that caught my eye.

Someone dares call the iPad a “cultish fad.” Uh-oh. Prepare to receive copious amounts of Mac Fanboy hatemail, Ms. Analyst.

“The iPad’s momentum is not sustainable. It’s not clear that the general public sees the need for a third computing device, and word of mouth about the iPad is not in the top tier of its category,” Mogal writes in a survey report Tuesday.

BP’s Tony Hayward has been given a red card.

Speaking of the BP’s oil spill, for the best satirical commentary on the disaster in the Gulf, read

“Don’t worry about me. I might be out of the limelight, but they are still going to pay me assloads of money. (Hayward)”

On a more somber note, Nobel-prize winning writer Jose Saramago has died. He was 87. I confess I have not yet read anything by him. My sister liked Blindness, but loved Seeing.


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