American Psycho?…Ugh

Why O why does this dull repetitive book keep getting attention nearly twenty years later? Yes, there are parts that are funny, but a few funny bits at the expense of the shallow culture of Wall Street does not a “modern classic” make.

The Guardian can redeem itself by doing a Digested Read of American Psycho like they did for Imperial Bedrooms.

“Don’t worry about anything,” Blair says. “I won’t,” says Bret. “I’ve come to realise I don’t like anyone. Especially my readers.”


3 thoughts on “American Psycho?…Ugh

  1. I sort of grew up -from the literature point of view- with Easton Ellis, “Less than zero” was the first adult/ serious book I read; so I do have a heart for their books 😉
    The Anagrama edition even compared Easton’s “Less than zero” to a modern day “Catcher in the rye”, if you can stomach that.
    Re-read American Psycho a couple of years ago, and even fantasized a bit on what might Bateman might be doing during the Wall Street Crash (no doubt he might be a Neo Con right from the get go, right?)

    My favorite Ellis, by far, is “The rules of attraction”, but please, don’t butcher me with an ax 😀

    • I read Rules of Attraction and didn’t think it was bad. (Didn’t see the movie version.) I just think Ellis doesn’t depict or critique anything more than the surface of things.

      And I won’t butcher you, dude. 🙂

  2. The movie (of The rules of attraction) sucks big time, IMHO.

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