Friday Links

1) Seth Godin in a post titled, “But who will speak for the trees?” says the people behind newspapers, book publishers, and magazines are standing scared,

And yet there’s no shortage of writing, or things to read. No shortage of news, either. And there doesn’t appear to be one on the horizon. In fact, there’s more news, more images and more writing available to more people more often than ever before in history.

No, just about all of the whining is about protecting paper, the stuff the ideas are printed on, not the ideas themselves.

Stories are still being told. It’s the format/form of delivery that’s changing. Human beings have always told stories, from cave paintings to tapestries, to lyric poetry, to novels, to films. And they’ll keep getting told one way or another.

(I have to admit that when I saw the title of the post, I wanted to answer, “Neil Peart.”)

2) This fall I’ll be participating in the Fall Read over at Conversational Reading. The Book is The Last Samurai by Helen DeWitt (no relation whatsoever to the Tom Cruise movie).

If, like me, you’ve never participated in one of these group reads, here’s how it works: everyone reads the same book and throughout the period there are essays and discussions about the book. Previously, Conversational Reading did this with Javier Marias’ Your Face Tomorrow.

The Last Samurai appealed to me for a number of reasons based on what Scott wrote. And also because of this quote he found by a writer I admire a lot, A.S. Byatt:

So Helen DeWitt is taking risks in writing a fat novel about a highly educated single mother of a boy who may well be a young Mozart or an Einstein—or may, as she recognizes, be heading for the kind of nervous collapse produced by the hothouse education of John Stuart Mill. “The Last Samurai” (Talk Miramax; $24.95) is in fact a triumph—a genuinely new story, a genuinely new form, which has more to offer on every reading but is gripping from the beginning of the first.

3) Now for some titillation (bad pun intended). Here’s a post over at Flavorwire showing some Literary Tatoos NSFW). My fav would have to be the one for The Little Prince.

[Hat Tip: Bookslut]


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