Cheeto Art

So I see this video of a Rachel Ray portrait done using Cheetos on FoodNetworkHumor,

and I get to thinking, “Of course, this can NOT be the only work of art done with Cheetos.”

And boy was I right. I found way more on the Internet than I expected. Here are some of the best in all their “cheesy” glory.

First, a sculpture made with Cheetos,

Here’s what might be the world’s largest sculpture of a Cheeto,

Then there’s the Cheeto Britney,

This chick is taking a bath in Cheetos,

That kind of bath will give you Cheeto fingers, Cheeto toes, Cheeto, legs, Cheeto breasts, etc.

Here’s a video of a cheesy portrait of Conan O’Brien,

Now, the piece de resistance: Cheetos Velvet Elvis!


5 thoughts on “Cheeto Art

  1. You may have forever ruined Cheetos for me as a food source (truly, it WAS one of my favorite snacks). My waistline thanks you…off to find a substitute.

  2. LOL You’re welcome. 😉 When I was younger, I ate them a lot, along with Doritos, Twinkies, and Hostess Cupcakes (aka, the Teenager’s Diet).

  3. If you could only bring Andy Warhol from the other side, I bet he might find this collection rather amusing.

  4. You have to add another one: “I left my heart in San Francheeto” Jo jO jo j0

  5. All I can think to say is…too much time on someone’s hands and too much access to highly processed foods.

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