How to Deal With Articles on E-books

The recent Thunderdome match between Super Literary Agent Andrew “The Jackal” Wylie and Random “The Giant” House has produced yet another Mississippi-sized river of words going on about “What E-books are Doing to the Publishing Industry.”

For those who don’t really care to keep score, and would rather read a book and have a good time, Bookavore has something for you: the E-books Article Drinking Game.

“Will e-books wipe out/kill/decimate/pulverize/HULKSMASH/angry verb real books?” — one drink

Every use of phrase “real book” — one drink

“smell of a real book” — clean out the liquor cabinet, drink until you pass out, wake up next morning, puke, then continue drinking

Warning: People should not attempt to operate heavy machinery during or after playing the E-books Article Drinking Game. Blogging, however, is heartily encouraged. (On a side note, someone was either very drunk or very stoned when they wrote this post. I’m leaning towards very stoned.)

[Hat Tip: Bookslut]


5 thoughts on “How to Deal With Articles on E-books

  1. Haha, well I guess that’s the best angle on the subject so far. Well done. When people get fed up of debating the issues, they can come to my article and figure out how to write an ebook. Much better utilisation of free time. 😉

    • I think it is the best way to deal with these endless articles that have the same hyperbole: “E-books are destroying Dead-tree Publishers!” or “E-books are the Greatest Technological Innovations Since the Automobile!” The truth is somewhere in-between.

      BTW, nice site.

  2. Thanks Rich, and thanks for commenting on BYL! I’ll check back here again.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Watching “big shot” publishers and agents duke it out is rather like watching the Yankees play the Mets. You don’t really care who wins, you just hope there are a lot of injuries…

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