My Own Non-fiction Stunt Book

The last few years have seen a number of “Non-fiction Stunt Books” hit the bestseller lists. The most recent gaining news is Chastened: The Unexpected Story of My Year Without Sex by Hephzibah Anderson. Before that, a guy named A.J. Jacobs spent a “year of living biblically,” Gretchen Rubin took on a project about Happiness, Charla Muller gave her husband sex every night for a whole year (okay, not quite every night), and, oh yeah, there was that woman named Julie who blogged about cooking Julia Child’s recipes, then published a book which was then made into a movie…I hear a musical based on the movie is in the works (just kidding).

Anyway, I want to cash in on this self-involved action. So here are a few ideas I’m considering for my own Non-fiction Stunt Book,

No Fibs, No Lies: How Telling the Truth to Everyone All the Time for One Year Improved My Life, Honest!

Washing Out My Potty Mouth: A Year Without Swearing or Taking the Lord’s Name in Vain

I’ll Be Tweeting You!: One Year Spent Corresponding With People Only Through Twitter

365 Navels: My Belly-Button Photographed Every Day for One Year, Annotated and With Commentary

Little House in the Suburbs: How I Built a 400 Square Foot Eco-Friendly Home, Then Lived and Loved in It

I Can’t Get No Self-Satisfaction: The Frustrating Story of My Year Without Masturbating

I think one of those can be my ticket to fame, fortune, movie deals, and product endorsements. (There is a whole section of World Market devoted to selling Eat, Pray, Love products. Seriously.)

P.S. In case you’re interested, here’s a dude who’s spending a year reading nothing but Stunt Books. Hope he has a bottle of Tums handy or maybe a heavy bag on which to work out his stress.


7 thoughts on “My Own Non-fiction Stunt Book

  1. I think the belly button book has potential…

  2. These a pretty darn funny! But the belly button should be a tale of two buttons, one as an inny and an outy (not sure how you spell those)

  3. This post is pure gold, Rich. And I agree that the navel project has a lot of scope and potential.

  4. All right, the “Belly-buttons” have it. A belly-button book it is! Now, to borrow my wife’s camera…

  5. You know who you should get for the Navel Book? Tom Cruise, he has to write the foreword, after all, he has first carnal knowledge on the matter 😉

    (And now Honest Errors turns onto gossip… God helps us! 😀 )

  6. The year without sex one that your refrenced amused me. Doesn’t seem so stunty though I mean there must be loads of women who go without for that long and longer. Especially if their married :p. Okay in seriousness there are people who do the majority of those books as a matter of routine. Nuns and monks spring to mind.

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