Print Will Die Soon, DRM, French Fries, and Some Link Love

Here are a few links for Friday.

Print Will Be Dead Sooner Than Previously Thought
Now that that is settled, all we need is for someone to set up the Death of Print Clock to count down the days until print is declared officially dead…

Keep in mind, Francis Fukuyama declared the End of History way back in 1992. (I think he was trying to out-Beaudrillard Jean Beaudrillard without any of the insight, intellect, and style of Jean Beaudrillard.) How’d that work out?

DRM Really Sucks for E-books
So, you’ve decided to plunge into the world of e-books and you buy a device on which to read them. Here’s a great rant about a problem that is not always obvious at first: formats and Digital Rights Management (DRM).

What’s that you say? Printed books are not format-dependent or device-dependent. That’s right, which is why technology is going to save books from their independence and lock them up in a warm fuzzy proprietary file format with loads of copy protection that will keep them from being copied, borrowed, given away, or resold. We know who the real enemies of books and authors are: libraries and used bookstores.

Books Range from French Fries to French Food
Here’s Carole Barrowman talking about something similar to what I wrote about yesterday on the whole #franzenfreude mess,

I suggest to students that all good novels fall on a spectrum from French food to French fries. The novels on the French food part of the spectrum demand extra concentration, deeper attention, and deserve to be savored. These are the books that you remember and may return to again and again. They have an aesthetic that may be complex and layered and readers sometimes need extra critical tools to fully enjoy and appreciate them–like different silverware for different dishes. My job is to teach my student readers some of those critical tools.

Books on the fast fiction end of the spectrum are generally more accessible to readers without extra accoutrements. French fry books are fast and tasty, and, let’s be honest, who among us hasn’t pulled into the Golden Arches drive-thru just for the fries?

As a Chicagoan through and through, I still love more than most any other kind of food the fast food delicacy know as the Italian Beef sandwich: thinly-sliced roast beef cooked in it’s own spiced juices heaped into a bun, covered in peppers, and then the whole thing dunked in the juices. Coq au vin it is not. But still sublime. And I never fail to get one from Portillo’s when I visit family.

Link Love
And Honest Errors received some Link Love from a wonderful blog called Tiny Tangents.


2 thoughts on “Print Will Die Soon, DRM, French Fries, and Some Link Love

  1. I still love print…books, magazines, the newspaper…print please. I can’t make the leap to an eReader if it limits what I can read. And I love French fries, both the real thing and the metaphorical.

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