It’s Been Awhile

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately. There was a head cold, a trip to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum (which I will write about later, I promise), and my son’s birthday party to plan and execute.

So here are a few links to keep you busy,

Amy Edelman is out to help writers do what indie bands have been doing for decades. She asks, “Why Is Indie OK for Musicians and Filmmakers…But Not For Writers?

RIM is jumping into the tablet game with what it will call the “PlayBook.” Next year will be crowded with tablets.

BlackBerry’s PlayBook the latest challenger to Apple’s iPad, which launched in April. Apple has sold more than 3 million iPads so far, while rivals have been slow to meet the challenge. Dell and Samsung have announced their own tablets, though Samsung’s Galaxy Tab tablet has yet to hit the market. Meanwhile, Microsoft and HP have both canceled planned tablet projects.

Not to mention Notion Ink’s Adam…

The Guardian has provided its Digested Read of “Freedom,”

The biographer might have convincingly left it at that, but the GMAN demands a more forgiving, less realistic ending. So Patty and Walter got back together and stayed friends with Richard, Joey stopped being a Republican, Connie was miraculously transformed from being a doormat and they too lived happily ever after and were reconciled with his parents. And even Jessica was allowed back into the book.

Here’s of one of The New Pornographers’ best songs, “Myriad Harbour.” It has one of my favorite lines, “I said to John do you think the girls here ever wonder how they got so pretty?”

They recently had their invitation to play at Calvin College rescinded. Apparently, certain people in the school’s administration did not want the college associated with a band that called themselves, “The New Pornographers.” As one commenter put it on The New Pornographers’ Facebook site, “Calvin College can rest easy knowing it was predestined to make such a boneheaded decision.” Thankfully, the show will go on at another venue in Grand Rapids…This is one of the reasons Michigan’s Hipster Factor is rather low.


2 thoughts on “It’s Been Awhile

  1. Hey, nice to read you back! What exactly is a head cold?

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