A Car Crashed Into My Library

Yes, you read that headline correctly. A male driving a Toyota Camry rammed his car into my town’s local branch of the Capital Area District Library. There’s now a big hole in the circulation office. Luckily, the person who works there was not at her desk, having gone to the bank. Otherwise she would have ended up under her desk, the car, or both.

And get this, she writes a blog! And her pictures and description of what happened, surprise-surprise, are much more informative than what was provided by our local newspaper. “Okemos Library Now Accepts Drive-in Donations and Sightly Damaged Cars.”

The firemen told us to evacuate the building because of the strange fumes and electrical outlet in the wall.  Upon ushering people out of the building a woman asked, “Well, could you put these things on hold for me then?”  You’ve gotta’ be kidding me. “Well, sorry, no.  The fire department is evacuating the building.”  So we stood outside with our patrons and it was a perfectly lovely day to do so.  The man could not have picked a finer day to try to drive through a brick wall.  We had a nice, long break out there in the sun, laughing, lamenting leaving our coffees and snacks inside, taking calls on the portable saying, “I’m so sorry but I can’t renew those items for you.  You see, a car has driven into the building and I can’t get to a computer.”

On a serious not, I’m glad no one was hurt.


2 thoughts on “A Car Crashed Into My Library

  1. Her first paragraph was enlightening…never knew the odd things people do to and at libraries.

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