The Rise of the Indie-Writer

This short article in Business Insider has been referenced many times during the past few days, and rightfully so for what it has to say.

Welcome to disruption. 26-year old Amanda Hocking is the best-selling “indie” writer on the Kindle store, meaning she doesn’t have a publishing deal, Novelr says.


Previously one of the best selling Kindle writers was J.A. Konrath, but it was assumed he was popular because he previously had a publishing deal and so already had notoriety. That’s not the case with Hocking, who published stories on her blog before turning to Kindle. In fact, out of the top 25 best-selling indie Kindle writers, only 6 were previously affiliated with a publishing house.

E-books (and to a certain extent Print-On-Demand technology) are making this possible. For three dollars wouldn’t you be willing to take a chance on a book by a writer you haven’t read before? I would…if I owned a Kindle or Sony Reader or Nook. (Personally, as a stay-at-home dad, I’m in greater need of time to read more than a device to facilitate reading.)

Amanda also corrects some of the misinformation that is making its way around the internet regarding her and her writing career. Here, in her own words, are a few facts,

  • I’ve written 19 books.
  • All of my published full-length novels are available in both ebook and paperback.
  • Three of my full length novels are priced at $.99 in ebook, and my novella is priced at $.99. The other five books are priced at $2.99. All my paperbacks are priced at $8.99 and $9.99.
  • I was never traditionally published. I still have not been traditionally published. I first published two books in April 15, 2010. Since then, I’ve sold over 900,000 copies of over nine different books.
  • I have been on the USA Today Bestseller list but not the NY Times List. (I suspect the Times hates me).

As the wise poet said, “The times they are a changin’.” Writers are less in need of a traditional publisher than ever before. More writers can and will go the indie route.


3 thoughts on “The Rise of the Indie-Writer

  1. Anyone who has been in the meat-grinder manufactured by the Axis of Evil – agents, publishers, and mega book stores – (sorry it seems that way) you have to route for the continuing surge in the numbers of successful Indie author/publishers.

    • Traditional publishing seems incapable of changing its ways. Finally, DIY writers can make their way just as well (if not better) than writers going the traditional route.

  2. Excellent post! I view print-on-demand as the way to go and sell your book(s) via Amazon in whatever format is the flavor of the day. By-passing agents and big publishing houses sounds good to me. Means the savings can be passed on to the consumer. I’m all for self love!!

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