Three Plus One Plus One

Today’s post is dedicated to providing some Link Love. The first three are great sources of publishing news. Then one site devoted to publishing shorter works in ebook format. The last is to offer some congratulations to a friend.


With the advent of ebooks and many authors going the indie route, it’s obvious that the publishing industry is undergoing massive changes these days. So how do you keep up with what’s going on and get a good perspective on it? These three excellent blogs can help.

TeleRead has great content about the expanding world of ebooks and ebook reading devices.

Writer Unboxed has lots of useful information about the business of publishing, including writer interviews and plenty of advice for writers.

The Passive Voice provides a lot of news and insightful commentary about today’s publishing industry. It is by far my favorite blog to read in order to know what’s going on in publishing and what the changes mean for writers, publishers, and readers. Some of the most informative posts I’ve read have to do with contracts,


Fortykey books is a great site with lots of original stories and essays, in multiple languages, with a focus on publishing shorter works. Their Twitter account is one of the best resources on the internet for publishing news.


This last link is for my blog friend Karin of the wonderful Karin Won’t Stop Talking. Some Big Congratulations are due to her. She has landed herself a book contract. Woo-hoo!


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