A New Kind of Egg Chair

The classic 70’s era egg chair has gotten a big update, according to Wired magazine. They are now wired for sound.

The interior is coated with sound-isolating open cell acoustic foam. Climb in, crank it up, and you’ve got your own personal capsule for watching movies, playing games or just plain spacing out.

They are called Sound Egg Chairs. They are customizable (choose your own colors for the outside and inside) and they are not cheap, starting at $1450.

As a music and movie fan, I see the cool appeal of this chair.

As a bookworm, I think it would be a comfortable chair in which to read.

As a parent, I imagine my small children jumping in and out of it, trying to climb on top of it, yanking out pieces of the soundproof lining, pounding on the buttons, and tipping the whole thing over. Thus ends the dream of owning such a chair.


5 thoughts on “A New Kind of Egg Chair

  1. Not related to your post, sorry.. But perhaps you find it funny.

  2. Found on a Polish blog, I believe.
    I just noticed that you got your own domain, the WordPress URL “morphs” onto your own DOT com, kudos!

    • Hemingway followed them pretty well, too. Between those rules, his study of Sherwood Anderson’s writing, and mentoring from Gertrude stein, Hemingway cut the fat out of prose writing without sacrificing depth.

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