A Lawn in the Sky

If you have $2.6 million you can own this penthouse condo in the South Loop of Chicago. Not only does it have a terraced outdoor space, it has a lawn.


You can see more pictures and information on the listing at Koenig & Strey.

When my wife I were first married, I told her I never wanted a house with a yard bigger than those in the bungalow belt in Chicago, the kind you can cut with a push mower with a few brisk walks across the lawn. Instead, we have a house on a plot that’s about a third of an acre with many trees. It’s nice and pretty and there is a lot of space for the kids to run around. But it’s also a lot of lawn to mow.

I suppose though that if you can afford a $2.6 million penthouse condo unit, that you can afford to pay someone to care for your rooftop lawn. I’d install a hammock of some kind. Laying around in my hammock reading with the Chicago skyline and Lake Michigan as my backdrop would be quite soothing…I’d better go buy some Lottery tickets!

[Hat tip: Sloopin’ ]


3 thoughts on “A Lawn in the Sky

  1. Beautiful, but what are the chances Miss M. would climb over the guardrail and plunge to her death? Makes me nervous just thinking about it. And if she doesn’t do that, she’ll pelt passerbys with snowballs in the winter.

    But hey, if you sell the movie rights (actually, many movies), we could afford it.

  2. Philip K Dick was right… Now all you need is a real goat if you can afford it… If not a replicant one.

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