Books That Dance, Shuffle, and Flip

This video of books, moving, shuffling, and even dancing has been making the rounds on Ye Olde Internet. But I saw it first at Teleread.

It was done by the proprietors of Type Books in Toronto, Canada.

According to the description on Youtube, it must have taken many many hours to “animate” all those books. This kind of animation fascinates me. Like clay animation, which I know is quite laborious, when it’s done right the results are wonderful to behold, like this video, where the books “organize themselves.”

Courtesy of my children, I recently saw the newer Bob the Builder episodes, which are done with CGI animation. I have to say, they seem sharper and more harsh than the original clay animation episodes. The clay animation seems far more warm and tactile, as if they are actual toys that could be picked up and played with.

It’s this tactile sense which appeals to me about the “Joy of Books” video, being the bibliophile that I am. Even a bibliophile who owns a Sony Reader.

Should I ever get the chance to visit Toronto, I know which bookstore I’m going to visit first. I’d like to see and touch those books in person, and buy a few.


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