So I Updated My LinkedIn Profile…Finally

Years ago I was compelled to join LinkedIn, sometime before Facebook and sometime after MySpace. I never did join MySpace and, feeling like I shouldn’t miss out on the next Big Thing, I accepted a number of people’s connection requests on LinkedIn.

I have never been an active user of the site. It seems like it’s an excellent resource for people in the workforce. But being out of the workforce, well, being out of the PAID workforce, LinkedIn is downright annoying. The constant updates about who people are now connected with, their updated profiles, their latest whatever are annoying. By far the most annoying for me are the urgings to “update your profile” so potential employers can find me.

So I finally did update my profile information, detailing my current position (Homemaker) at my current place of employment (Home).

September 2006Present (5 years 5 months) Home

Among my duties, I have been and am responsible for cooking, cleaning, baking, washing and folding laundry, refereeing disputes between children, judging the petty crimes of children, wiping butts, vacuuming, potty training, answering “why” questions, developing a tolerance for repeated viewings of children’s cartoons, making complete and working Thomas the Tank Engine track layouts, constructing Lego projects, painting with watercolors, drawing with crayons, playing hide and seek, building furniture cushion forts, assisting with grade school homework, reading stories (sometimes the same ones every day or night for months straight), removing bodily fluids that have been spilled on me or others, and wrestling small children into their clothes or pajamas. Have also gained extensive experience changing diapers (disposable and cotton) and dealing effectively with sleep deprivation.

All of the above has contributed to a marked increase in my own level of patience with Life.

I don’t think the people at LinkedIn had this in mind when they conceived their service.

I should note that my wife refuses to be connected with me on LinkedIn. We’re already connected on Facebook and living under the same roof (we’ve even argued on FB while being under the same roof). She actually uses LinkedIn in a professional manner. And now that I’ve updated my profile in such an accurate way, she says there’s no way in hell she’s going to be connected with me on the site.

Hmm…maybe I can use it to upgrade to a better Homemaker position.

It’s not likely though. I’ve got it pretty good here. 🙂


5 thoughts on “So I Updated My LinkedIn Profile…Finally

  1. I am in the middle of recommending you… do you prefer that I omit the references to poop and vomit or is it OK to leave them in?

  2. You were in a world of trouble until that last sentence. And I’m still not linking to you.

    And if you get other offers, DEFINITELY talk to me. I’ll match it.

    • I understand, dear. And as I said, I’ve got it pretty good in my current position. Unless someone can match your excellent qualities along with a trip to Shanghai and a possible extended stay in Turkey…

  3. Also, somehow among all that, you found the time to figure out the blogroll thing. ChecklistMommy is impressed.

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